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   PUC has an impressive customer base. With all this  
   underground pipeline construction experience, it makes PUC an
   excellent choice for your next project. Please contact us for
   information on your next project bid.

   Here are some of our key customers  :

   Public Works - City of San Jose, City of Santa Cruz,
     City of Palo Alto, City of Redwood City, West Valley
     Sanitation District, City of Gilroy, City of Sunnyvale, 
     City of Mountain View, City of Fremont, City of Scotts Valley,
     The Town of Atherton, Town of Woodside and more...

   Commerical - Stanford University, South Bay Construction,
     Vance Brown Builders, Bogard Construction, Gold Coast
     Construction, Benchmark Construction, Turner Construction,
     San Jose Construction, Webcor Builders, Turner Construction
     and more...

   Residential - Gold Coast Renovations, Pinn Brothers,
     Shea Homes, SNK Construction, Daniels & House

   Serving over nine California Counties - Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa
   Cruz, Alameda, Monterey, Stanislaus, Kings, San Luis Obispo